Retrograde flow speed of photoactivated actin in CAD cell

Range from recycled lamellipodia filaments 87.9±6.2nm/s: from the cytosolic pool 69.9±4.1 nm/s nm/s
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Vitriol EA, McMillen LM, Kapustina M, Gomez SM, Vavylonis D, Zheng JQ. Two functionally distinct sources of actin monomers supply the leading edge of lamellipodia. Cell Rep. 2015 Apr 21 11(3):433-45. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2015.03.033. p.437 right column bottom paragraphPubMed ID25865895
Method P.444 left column 2nd paragraph:"To determine retrograde flow rates, kymographs were drawn at the edge of cells where PA-GFP-actin [photoactivatable GFP-γ-actin] incorporation into the lamellipodia was clearly visible. Kymographs were drawn in as many regions of the cell as possible. Retrograde flow was measured by calculating the slope of a diagonal line that traced the rearward flow of incorporated PA-GFP-actin, representing the distance the actin traveled over time."
Comments P.437 right column bottom paragraph:"When [investigators] measured the retrograde flow speed of photoactivated actin originated from either pathway, [they] observed a significant difference in their rates. Actin from recycled lamellipodia filaments (87.9 ± 6.2 nm/s) moved 26% faster than actin from the cytosolic pool (69.9 ± 4.1 nm/s) (Figure 4A). This indicates that actin monomers from the two distinct sources [they] have identified may be targeted to different types of actin filaments within the lamellipodia network."
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