Cell dynamics in an adult Hydra

Range Figure link days
Organism Hydra littoralis
Reference Martínez DE, Bridge D. Hydra, the everlasting embryo, confronts aging. Int J Dev Biol. 2012 56(6-8):479-87. p.480 figure 1PubMed ID22689361
Primary Source Campbell RD (1967). Tissue dynamics of steady state growth in Hydra littoralis. I. Patterns of cell division. Dev Biol 15: 487-502.PubMed ID4382248
Comments p.479 right column bottom paragraph:”As epithelial cells divide in the body column, cells are constantly displaced into the tentacles and basal disk, and differentiation constantly occurs (Fig. 1).” p.483 right column 2nd paragraph:"In situ hybridization provided evidence that H. vulgaris FoxO is expressed in multipotent interstitial stem cells. Interstitial stem cells are the most rapidly dividing of the stem cells present in adult Hydra and give rise to gametes as well as some somatic cell types (Fig. 1)." p.483 left column bottom paragraph:"FoxO proteins are transcription factors involved in several cellular processes including apoptosis, the cell cycle, DNA damage repair, oxidative stress, cell differentiation, and glucose metabolism (Huang and Tindall 2007)." See caption to figure 1
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