Turnover time of whole squamous epithelial cell lineage

Range ~7.5 days
Organism Metazoa animals
Reference Karam SM, Lineage commitment and maturation of epithelial cells in the gut. Front Biosci. 1999 Mar 15 4: D286-98. p.286 left column & p.290 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID10077541
Primary Source [27] C.P. Leblond, R.C. Greulich & J.P.M. Pereira: Relationship of cell formation and cell migration in the renewal of stratified squamous epithelia. Advances of Biology of Skin 5, 39-67 (1964)
Comments P.286 left column:"The squamous lineage of the esophagus forms a stratified epithelium which has an average turnover time of about 7.5 days." p.290 left column bottom paragraph:"Squamous cells are markedly flattened and primarily composed of tonofilaments. The superficial cell membrane forms numerous microplicae. In rats and mice, there is a conspicuous gradual disappearance of the nuclei and organelles towards the most superficial layer (primary source). In humans, the flattened cells of the superficial layer contain basophilic granular structures (clumped organelles), membrane-coating granules and occasionally a small number of parakeratotic granules, but do not undergo true cornification. However, a few scattered areas of slight cornification are normally seen. In rodents, the superficial epithelial cells undergo soft keratinization. The average turnover time of the whole squamous epithelial cell lineage is about 7.5 days (primary source)."
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