Regeneration time of visual pigment

Range rhodopsin 40min: cone pigment ~8min minutes
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Rushton WAH. Dark-adaptation and the regeneration of rhodopsin. J Physiol. 1961 156: 166–178. p.168 bottom paragraphPubMed ID13744792
Primary Source Rushton, W.A.H., Campbell, F.W., Hagins, W.A. & Brindley, G.S. (1955). The Bleaching and regeneration of rhodopsin in the living eye of the albino rabbit and of man. Optica acta, 1, 183-190. AND Rushton WA. Kinetics of cone pigments measured objectively on the living human fovea. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1959 Nov 12 74(2):291-304. p.294 top paragraph & p.303 4th paragraphPubMed ID13627859
Method Primary source Rushton 1959 p.293 bottom paragraph:"Figure 2 shows the effect on a protanope of a sudden (15 sec.) bleaching exposure followed by a period in the dark. After an initial dark-adaptation period in dim light, measurements were taken as shown by the 3 circles at 0.155. Then a bright light was shone on the eye for 15 sec. and as soon as possible after its removal a new wedge setting was obtained to balance the altered photocell output. Subsequent measurements show a return to the initial value that takes about 8 min." Primary source Rushton 1959 p.303 4th paragraph:"A brief account is given of the method of reflection densitometry by which the density of pigments can be physically measured in the living eye. Measurements made upon the fovea of a protanope, the red-blind dichromat, show that the pigment is bleached in bright light and regenerates in the dark, the latter process taking about 8 min. for completion."
Comments p.168 bottom paragraph:"This was the position when retinal densitometry threw some new light upon the relation by permitting the visual pigment level to be measured in the living eye during bleaching and regeneration. It soon appeared that human rhodopsin is more or less completely regenerated by 40 min after the end of a full bleach (primary source Rushton, Campbell, Hagins & Brindley, 1955), whereas human cone pigments are back in about 8 min (primary source Rushton, 1958). Both these times correspond closely to the time needed for return to full visual sensitivity in the dark." keywords: eye,sight,seeing,retina,rod cell,cone cell,vision,photobleaching,regenerate,visual purple
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