Average number of neurons in the primary visual cortex in one hemisphere

Value 1.4e+8 neurons Range: 0.9e8 to 2e8 neurons
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference G. Leuba, R. Kraftsik "Changes in volume, surface estimate, three-dimensional shape and total number of neurons of the human primary visual cortex from midgestation until old age" Anat Embryo1 (1994) 190: 351-366 p. 364 left column 2nd paragraph and p. 353 table 1PubMed ID7840422
Method The volume of area 17 was measured with the basic volume estimator for systematic sampling (Uylings et ai. 1986). Every fifth section was drawn with the aid of a camera lucida device, followed by computer-assisted measurement of cross-sectional area. Values of the uncorrected volume of area 17 were multiplied by the mean neuronal density measured in the same hemisphere when available, in order to calculate the total number of neurons. In most cases, researchers used the estimations of neuronal numerical density already published (Leuba and Garey 1987 PMID 3583841), and estimated four additional adult cases with the same method.
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