Human molecular formula (molecular)

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference link Thims molecular formula | 2002
Primary Source Thims published his results in the 2002 manuscript Human Thermodynamics (Volume One), in the 2005 IoHT (online) Molecular Evolution Table, and in the 2007 textbook Human Chemistry (Volume One). For an average 70-kg human being, this empirical formula translates to the following human molecular formula:
Method HE27 OE27 CE27 NE26 PE25 CaE25 KE24 SE24 NaE24 ClE24 MgE24 FeE23 FE23 ZnE22 SiE22 CuE21 BE21 CrE20 MnE20 NiE20 SeE20 SnE20 IE20 MoE19 CoE19 VE18
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