Average molecular formula of a DNA base pair

Range C:N:P is 19.5:7.5:2 unitless
Organism Generic
Reference Weitz, Joshua S. Quantitative Viral Ecology, Dynamics of Viruses and Their Microbial Hosts, Princeton University press, Chapter one. What Is a Virus? p.13 2nd paragraph
Comments P.13 2nd paragraph: "The average molecular formula of a base pair (i.e., a pair of nucleotides), expressed in terms of C:N:P is 19.5:7.5:2. That is, there are 19.5 molecules of carbon for 7.5 molecules of nitrogen for 2 molecules of phosphorus in every base pair. The “average” here assumes an equal probability of having an A:T base pair as a G:C base pair, whose molecular compositions are distinct. Deviations are expected for any given genome sequence. Nonetheless, assuming 50% GC content provides an important baseline for assessing the elemental composition of viruses."
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