Fraction of ribosomal proteins coded in the leading strand

Range >85 %
Organism prokaryote
Reference Rocha EP. The replication-related organization of bacterial genomes. Microbiology. 2004 Jun150(Pt 6):1609-27. p.1613 left column top paragraphPubMed ID15184548
Primary Source McLean, M. J., Wolfe, K. H. & Devine, K. M. (1998). Base composition skews, replication orientation and gene orientation in 12 prokaryote genomes. J Mol Evol 47 , 691–696.PubMed ID9847411
Comments "A first systematic survey of gene strand bias showed that genomes could have from 55 to 80 % of genes in the leading strand, although systematically more than 85 % of ribosomal proteins were coded in the leading strand of these genomes (primary source)."
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