Time for auditory and visual stimuli to reach the brain

Range auditory stimulus 8-10msec: visual stimulus 20-40msec msec
Organism Mammals
Reference [1] Kemp, B. J. 1973. Reaction time of young and elderly subjects in relation to perceptual deprivation and signal-on versus signal-off condition. Developmental Psychology 8: 268-272 [2] Marshall, W. H., S. A. Talbot, and H. W. Ades. 1943. Cortical response of the anaesthesized cat to gross photic and electrical afferent stimulation. Journal of Nerophysiology 6: 1-15.
Comments (A Literature Review on Reaction Time by Robert J. Kosinski, Clemson University:)"Many researchers have confirmed that reaction to sound is faster than reaction to light, with mean auditory reaction times being 140-160 msec and visual reaction times being 180-200 msec (Galton, 1899 Woodworth and Schlosberg, 1954 Fieandt et al., 1956 Welford, 1980 Brebner and Welford, 1980). Perhaps this is because an auditory stimulus only takes 8-10 msec to reach the brain (Reference [1]), but a visual stimulus takes 20-40 msec (Reference [2]). Reaction time to touch is intermediate, at 155 msec (Robinson, 1934). Differences in reaction time between these types of stimuli persist whether the subject is asked to make a simple response or a complex response (Sanders, 1998, p. 114). Saville et al. (2012) found that people who had variable reaction times to a visual stimulus also had variable reaction times to an auditory stimulus."
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