Actual range of BD [Best Delay] at 500 Hz

Range guinea pigs ∼0.5msec: cats ~1msec msec
Organism Mammals
Reference Joris P, Yin TC. A matter of time: internal delays in binaural processing. Trends Neurosci. 2007 Feb30(2):70-8. p.74 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID17188761
Comments P.74 left column bottom paragraph:" In a computational model of a neuron with BF of 500 Hz [20], the leading inhibition shifted BF by ∼200 μs for different tonal frequencies, whereas the actual range of BDs at 500 Hz is ∼0.5 ms in guinea pigs and ∼1 ms in cats." P.70 right column top paragraph:"Each neuron is tuned to a ‘best delay’ (BD), at which its response is maximal." P.70 right column 2nd paragraph:"This model holds that populations of binaural neurons are tuned both to frequency and to ITD [interaural time delays], and that there is a neural ‘display’ in which these neurons are arranged topographically in terms of the frequency by which they are maximally excited (best frequency, BF) and BD. Sound sources cause activity patterns on this BD–BF plane according to their spatial location and frequency characteristics."
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