Fraction of T cells that are not dividing in mice, rats & sheep

Range >98 %
Organism Mammals
Reference Tough DF, Sprent J. Life span of naive and memory T cells. Stem Cells. 1995 May13(3):242-9. p.244 left column top paragraphPubMed ID7613491
Primary Source [9]Tough DF, Sprent J. Turnover of naive- and memory-phenotype T cells. J Exp Med. 1994 Apr 1 179(4):1127-35. [17] Sprent J, Basten A. Circulating T and B lymphocytes of the mouse. II. Lifespan. Cell Immunol. 1973 Apr7(1):40-59. [18] Westermann J, Ronneberg S, Fritz FJ, Pabst R. Proliferation of lymphocyte subsets in the adult rat: a comparison of different lymphoid organs. Eur J Immunol. 1989 Jun19(6):1087-93. [19] Mackay CR, Marston WL, Dudler L. Naive and memory T cells show distinct pathways of lymphocyte recirculation. J Exp Med. 1990 Mar 1 171(3):801-17.PubMed ID8145034, 4540431, 2526740, 2307933
Comments "In contrast with the results obtained using hydroxyurea (BNID 110716), labeling studies have shown that the vast majority (>98%) of peripheral T cells in mice [primary sources 9,17] rats [primary source 18] and sheep [primary source 19] are not dividing."
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