Percent of protein in body that is collagen

Range 30 to 40 %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Hall, D. A. (ed) (1964) International Review of Connective Tissue Research, Vol. 2, F. Verzár, Aging of the Collagen Fiber, Academic Press, New York, p. 244 top paragraph
Comments P. 244 top paragraph: "Connective tissue takes part in the structure of most organs. Its main protein is collagen, which may thus be 30-40% of all the proteins of the body. Collagen is a macromolecule deposited in the form of fibers. It occurs as almost chemically pure collagen in the tendons, as a convolute of fibers in a ground substance in the corium [dermis] of the skin, as the substance of bones on which calcium is deposited, or as the interstitial fibrous tissue between muscle fibers, in fascia and membranes of articulations, etc."
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