Percent of the total protein of the body that is collagen

Range 25 to 35 %
Organism Mammals
Reference Gross, J. (1963). In Comparative Biochemistry, vol. 5, ed. Florkin, M. & Mason, H. S., p. 308 4th paragraph. New York: Academic Press.
Primary Source A. Neuberger, in "Fibrous Proteins and Their Biological Significance", Symposia Soc. Exptl. Biol. No. 9, 72-84 (1955).
Comments "Collagen, the major fibrous element of the extracellular connective tissues, is probably the most ubiquitous and plentiful protein in the animal kingdom. Neuberger (primary source) has compiled a list of collagen content of a variety of mammalian tissues. He states: "There is no quantitative information available about the total collagen content of any mammal but it can be estimated that between 25 and 35% of the total protein of the body is collagen." In certain invertebrate forms, such as the Keratosa among the sponges, and some species of Echinodermata, such as the sea cucumber, it accounts for an even larger proportion of the total composition of the organism."
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