Carbon conversion factor

Value 220 fgC/µm^3
Organism Chlamydomonas spp.
Reference Knut Yngve Borsheim & Gunnar Bratbak, Cell volume to cell carbon conversion factors for a bacterivorous Monas sp. enriched from seawater, Marine ecology - progress series, vol 36: 171-175, 1987 p.174 left column bottom paragraph
Method For fluorescence microscopy preserved samples were filtered onto Irgalan Black stained 0.2 µm Nuclepore filters, stained for 10 min with DAPI (Porter & Feig 1980), and mounted in paraffin.
Comments For preserved cells measured in the epifluorescence microscope after staining with DAPI, researchers suggest a volume to carbon conversion factor of 220 fg C/µm^3
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