Number of genomes per chloroplasts in mature wheat chloroplasts

Range 310 to 320 Table - link Genome copies/chloroplast
Organism Wheat Triticum aestivum
Reference Boffey SA, Leech RM. Chloroplast DNA Levels and the Control of Chloroplast Division in light-grown wheat leaves. Plant Physiol. 1982 Jun69(6):1387-91. p.1390 table II and p.1391 left column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID16662409
Method "The direct measurement of cpDNA/plastid used in this paper relies on the isolation of plastid suspensions of known percentage intactness, free from contamination by nDNA, and also on the quantitative recovery of DNA from the isolated plastids. Sellden and Leech (15) have shown that even the endogenous nucleases in plastid preparations from wheat leaf regions beyond 4 cm from the leaf base are sufficiently active to remove all contaminating DNA."
Comments "The numbers of genome copies/chloroplast in the present paper have been calculated on the assumption that the wheat chloroplast genome is similar in size to those of other monocotyledons, so that values presented must be regarded as estimates. The value for mature wheat chloroplasts (310-320 genome copies/chloroplast) compares with a figure for pea chloroplasts of 224±80 genome copies/plastid (BNID 107108 ref 2, The published figures in Reference 2 are too low by a factor of 16, as a result of an error in the use of the hemocytometer (J. Bennett, personal communication).)"
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