Number of genomes per chloroplast in buds

Value 224 Genome copies/chloroplast Range: ±80 Genome copies/chloroplast
Organism Pea Pisum sativum
Reference Boffey SA, Leech RM. Chloroplast DNA Levels and the Control of Chloroplast Division in light-grown wheat leaves. Plant Physiol. 1982 Jun69(6):1387-91. p.1391 left column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID16662409
Primary Source Bennett J, Radcliffe C. Plastid DNA replication and plastid division in the garden pea. FEBS Lett. 1975 Aug 15 56(2):222-5.PubMed ID1157942
Method (Primary source): The numbers of refractile and non-refractile- plastids in the preparations were determined using a hemacytometer on a phase contrast microscope.
Comments "The value for mature wheat chloroplasts (310-320 genome copies/chloroplast, BNID 107107) compares with a figure for pea chloroplasts of 224±80 genome copies/plastid (primary source)...The published figures in primary source are too low by a factor of 16, as a result of an error in the use of the hemocytometer (J. Bennett, personal communication)."
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