Metabolic activity of liver at rest

Range ~25 Cardiac output: 25 oxygen consumption %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Barle H, Ahlman B, Nyberg B, Andersson K, Essén P, Wernerman J. The concentrations of free amino acids in human liver tissue obtained during laparoscopic surgery. Clin Physiol. 1996 May16(3):217-27. p.218 2nd paragraphPubMed ID8736710
Primary Source Arias I. M., Jakoby W . B., Popper H ., Schachter D & Schafritz D. A. (1988) The hepatic circulation. In: The Liver. Biology and parhobiology (Ed. Arias I. M.), pp. 911-930. Raven Press, New York.
Comments The liver is known to be a highly metabolically active organ, accounting for ~25% of cardiac output as well as 25% of oxygen consumption in resting man (primary source).
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