Average daily metabolic rate (ADMR) and sleeping metabolic rate (SMR) in normal weight subjects

Range ADMR 12.4±2.0: SMR 7.0±1.0 MJ/d
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Westerterp KR, Bouten CV. Physical activity assessment: comparison between movement registration and doubly labeled water method. Z Ernahrungswiss. 1997 Dec36(4):263-7. p.265 left column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID9467213
Method Doubly labeled water method
Comments p.265 left column 3rd paragraph:"In the normal weight subjects, mean ADMR was 12.4±2.0 (range 7.9-15.7) MJ/d, mean SMR was 7.0±1.0 (range 5.6-8.9) MJd, and mean Tracmor output, corrected for the influence of transportation (ref 3), was 1108±293 (range 572-2017) counts/d."
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