Generation time

Value 16.43 hours
Organism Bacteria Chlorobium limicola
Reference Cork DJ, Garunas R, Sajjad A. Chlorobium limicola forma thiosulfatophilum: Biocatalyst in the Production of Sulfur and Organic Carbon from a Gas Stream Containing H(2)S and CO(2). Appl Environ Microbiol. 1983 Mar45(3):913-8. free online article p. 916 right column 1st paragraphPubMed ID16346255
Method Chlorobium limicola forma thiosulfatophilum (ATCC 17092) was grown in a 1-liter continuously stirred tank reactor (800-ml liquid volume) at pH 6.8, 30°C, saturated light intensity, and a gas flow rate of 23.6 ml/min from a gas cylinder blend consisting of 3.9 mol% H(2)S, 9.2 mol% CO(2), 86.4 mol% N(2), and 0.5 mol% H(2).
Comments In the log phase, the rate of elemental sulfur production was at its peak, and the specific growth rate (µ) (see legend to Fig. 3) was equivalent to 0.0422h^-1, which was similar to that previously obtained for C. thiosulfatophilum PM (ref 6 in article). Generation time calculated from G=ln2/k where G is the generation time and k is the growth rate.
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