Number of transcription factors

Value 934 Unitless Range: Table - link Unitless
Organism Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Reference Reece-Hoyes JS, Deplancke B, Shingles J, Grove CA, Hope IA, Walhout AJ. A compendium of Caenorhabditis elegans regulatory transcription factors: a resource for mapping transcription regulatory networks. Genome Biol. 2005 6(13):R110. abstract & p.4 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID16420670
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Method Abstract: "Results: By computational searches and extensive manual curation, [investigators] have identified a compendium of 934 transcription factor genes (referred to as wTF2.0)."
Comments p.4 left column bottom paragraph: "In total, amongst the 19,735 predicted protein-coding genes, researchers identified 934 predicted C. elegans TF genes (Additional data file 1). Taken together, the combination of computational queries and manual curation results in a comprehensive compendium of C. elegans TF-encoding genes. [investigators] refer to this compendium as wTF2.0 [worm Transcription Factor version 2.0]." Table link [pp.3-4 in article, table 1] gives number of transcription factor genes in each DNA binding domain. See note beneath table. Total number is 957 genes, however 23 genes encode two different types of domain. See BNID 101 364. For 988 transcription factor coding genes in C. elegans see BNID 105072
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