Oxidation states of compounds in nitrifying and denitrifying reactions

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Organism Biosphere
Reference L. A. Codispoti, An oceanic fixed nitrogen sink exceeding 400 TgNa-1 vs the concept of homeostasis in the fixed-nitrogen inventory, Biogeosciences, 4, 233–253, 2007
Method Measurements of the N2 produced by denitrification, a better understanding of non-canonical pathways for N2 production such as the anammox reaction, better appreciation of the multiple environments in which denitrification can occur (e.g. brine pockets in ice, within particles outside of suboxic water, etc.) suggest that it is unlikely that the oceanic denitrification rate is less than 400 TgN a^-1.
Comments Image illustrates the reactions of the main nitrifying and denitrifying reactions. Please note: the nitrogen fixation reaction (N2>>NH4) is missing.
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