Estimated Annual denitrification as a result of hydrothermal flow

Value 10 Tg N/year
Organism Biosphere
Reference L. A. Codispoti, An oceanic fixed nitrogen sink exceeding 400 TgNa-1 vs the concept of homeostasis in the fixed-nitrogen inventory, Biogeosciences, 4, 233–253, 2007.
Primary Source Schultz, A. and Elderfield, H.: Controls on the physics and chemistry of seafloor hydrothermal circulation, in: Mid-Ocean Ridges: Dynamics of Processes Associated with Creation of New Ocean Crust, Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Phys. Eng. Sci., l, 387–425, 1997.
Method Estimated according to Annual hydrothermal flow (water mass) associated with ridges and ride-flanks of 2.4E16 kg H2O. If one assumes that complete denitrification occurs in this entire flow and that the original nitrate concentration is 30µM, a denitrification rate of ~10 Tg N/year results (There are 14 g of N in one mole of Nitrate): (2.4E16 kg water/year)*(0.00003 moles nitrate/kg water)*(14g N per mole)=10.08E12g N/year=~10Tg N/year
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