Macromolecular composition of exponentially growing E. coli Br as a function of growth rate at 37 degrees celsius

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Bremer, H., Dennis, P. P. (1987) Modulation of chemical composition and other parameters of the cell by growth rate. Neidhardt, et al. eds. Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium: Cellular and Molecular Biology, 1st ed. chapter 96, Table 2 pp.1530-1
Comments Note-following quote is from 2nd edition of book, chapter 97, but pertains to same table:"Table 2 lists the amounts of protein, RNA, and DNA and related physiological parameters for cultures of E. coli B/r growing exponentially at 37°C in different growth media at rates between 0.6 and 2.5 doublings per h. The per-mass values (top section) represent averages obtained from curves drawn as a best fit through individually measured points (28). The actual measurements fluctuate by about 15% around these curves. Most of this scatter represents a true variation from culture to culture (the contribution due to measuring errors is about ±6%, 2.5%, 5%, and 5% for protein, RNA, DNA, and cell number, respectively). Protein, RNA, and DNA were measured colorimetrically, and cell numbers were determined with an electronic particle counter as indicated in Table 2. From the per-mass values, protein and RNA per genome and protein, RNA, and DNA per cell were calculated." Table gives Protein/mass, RNA/mass, DNA/mass, cell no./mass, protein/genome, RNA/genome, origins/genome, protein/origin and more parameters at 5 different doubling times. See notes beneath table
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