Number of amino acids in peptides bound to MHC class I molecules

Range 8-10 Amino acids
Organism Unspecified
Reference Kenneth M. Murphy, Paul Travers, Mark Walport, Janeway's Immunobiology, 7th edition 2008 Garland Science p.129 bottom paragraph
Comments P.129 bottom paragraph: "3-14 MHC class I molecules bind short peptides of 8-10 amino acids by both ends: Binding of a peptide to an MHC class I molecule is stabilized at both ends of the peptide-binding cleft by contacts between atoms in the free amino and carboxy termini of the peptide and invariant sites that are found at each end of the cleft in all MHC class I molecules (Fig. 3.18). These are thought to be the main stabilizing contacts for peptide:MHC class I complexes because synthetic peptide analogs lacking terminal amino and carboxyl groups fail to bind stably to MHC class I molecules. Other residues in the peptide serve as additional anchors. Peptides that bind to MHC class I molecules are usually 8-10 amino acids long. Longer peptides are thought to be able to bind, particularly if they can bind at their carboxy terminus, but are subsequently cleaved by exopeptidases present in the endoplasmic reticulum, which is where MHC class I molecules bind peptides." Note-Falk et al (1991) PMID: 1709722 give value of 8-11 amino acids. According to Yewdell et al. 2003 PMID 14647477 p.953 left column bottom paragraph "typically nine residues"
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