Chloroplast fine structure of plants grown in elevated and ambient atmospheric CO2 partial pressures

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Organism Plants
Reference Griffin KL, Anderson OR, Gastrich MD, Lewis JD, Lin G, Schuster W, Seemann JR, Tissue DT, Turnbull MH, Whitehead D.Plant growth in elevated CO2 alters mitochondrial number and chloroplast fine structure. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 Feb 27 98(5):2473-8.PubMed ID11226263
Method Varying methods of increasing atmospheric CO2 partial pressure. See ref for details
Comments Growth in elevated CO(2) produced a statistically significant increase in the amount of chloroplast stroma (nonappressed) thylakoid membranes compared with those in lower CO(2) treatments. A statistically significant greater proportion of stroma (nonappressed) to grana (appressed) thylakoids was found for all tree species (A. rubrum, C. canadensis, L. styraciflua, and P. auritum), grown in high atmospheric CO2 compared with ambient CO2 concentrations (Table 1) but not significantly greater for the understory vine E. pinnatum.
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