Number of mitochondria in ambient CO2 concentration

Value 0.3 Mitochondria/100 µm^2 cell area Range: ±0.03 Mitochondria/100 µm^2 cell area
Organism Red Maple Acer rubrum
Reference Griffin KL, Anderson OR, Gastrich MD, Lewis JD, Lin G, Schuster W, Seemann JR, Tissue DT, Turnbull MH, Whitehead D.Plant growth in elevated CO2 alters mitochondrial number and chloroplast fine structure. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 Feb 2798(5):2473-8.PubMed ID11226263
Method The atmospheric CO2 partial pressure is increased by 20 Pa above ambient (˜56 Pa) within a 30-m-diameter experimental plot by using a system of vertical pipes (with regularly spaced exit ports along the length) connected to a circular plenum supplied with CO2 gas by a highly regulated computer-based control system. Nearby control sites of equivalent design and plant composition are at ambient atmospheric CO2 levels.
Comments Mitochondrial sizes in low and high CO2 treatments are statistically equivalent, as reported in the text. Relative counts of mitochondria per unit cell area represent differences in mitochondrial area. Elevated/ ambient ratio=1.7
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