Time from nuclear envelope breakdown to metaphase

Value 34 min Range: ±6 Table - link min
Organism HeLa cell line
Reference Chakraborty et al. Nucleoporin levels regulate cell cycle progression and phase-specific gene expression. Dev. Cell (2008) 15:657 p.660 table 1PubMed ID19000832
Method Time lapse microscopy with H2B-YFP
Comments P.660 left column top paragraph: "Nup96 Levels Regulate Cell Cycle Progression-To determine the functional significance of Nup96 downregulation in mitosis, [investigators] investigated whether Nup96, if present at high levels, has effects on mitotic timing. [They] generated stably transfected HeLa cell lines expressing high levels of FLAG-tagged-Nup96 (data not shown) and coexpressed histone H2B-YFP to follow live cells as they transitioned through mitosis. In the presence of excess Nup96, [they] observed a slight delay from metaphase to anaphase and from anaphase to cytokinesis (Table 1). These modest effects of high levels of Nup96 on mitotic timing did not result in any major mitotic defect. [They] also followed mitotic progression in the presence of high levels of Nup37, another constituent of the Nup107-160 complex, and again did not detect any major effect on mitotic timing or mitotic defects (Table 1). In addition, [they] tested whether high levels of Nup96 would affect mitotic timing of normal rat kidney (NRK) cells, which have an intact G1 checkpoint. [They] show, in Table 1, that increased levels of Nup96 had modest effects on mitotic timing in NRK cells causing a slight acceleration from NEBD to metaphase and from anaphase to cytokinesis. Although these minor defects on mitotic timing caused by high levels of Nup96 varied between HeLa cells and NRK cells (Table 1), in both cases they did not result in any major mitotic defect." See note beneath table
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