NPC (nuclear pore complex) density on nuclear envelope in salivary gland

Value 40 pores/µm^2 Range: Table - link pores/µm^2
Organism Fly Chironomus spp.
Reference Mazzanti M, Bustamante JO, Oberleithner H. 2001. Electrical dimension of the nuclear envelope. Physiol. Rev. 81: 1–19 p.5 table 1 & p.11 right column top paragraphPubMed ID11152752
Primary Source 71) Ito S & Loewenstein WR. Permeability of a nuclear membrane: changes during normal envelopment and changes induced by growth hormone. Science 27: 909–910, 1965. (125) Palmer LG & Civan MM. Distribution of Na1, K1 and Cl2 between nucleus and cytoplasm in chironomus salivary gland cells. J Membr Biol 33: 41–61, 1977.PubMed ID5837111, 864686
Comments "Direct comparison of the data for the different preparations reveals that GNE (total nuclear envelope conductance) varied by at least a factor of 10. At first sight this is not very surprising since NPC density per unit area can vary among different species to a similar extent (refs 104, 144, 145). However, variations in GNE occurred virtually independent of NPC density. The NE of Chironomus salivary gland, for example, showed a similar GNE per cm^2 (40 pores/µm^2) (primary sources) compared with GNE of cultured kidney cells (7 pores/µm^2) (refs 114, 116)." See notes beneath table
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