Number of alpha and beta globin transcripts produced in developing erythrocyte

Range 10000-20000 copies/cell
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Voon HP, Vadolas J. Controlling {alpha}-globin: a review of {alpha}-globin expression and its Impact on {beta}-thalassemia. Haematologica. 2008 Sep 2. [Epub ahead of print] link PubMed ID18768527
Primary Source Anguita E, Hughes J, Heyworth C, Blobel GA, Wood WG, Higgs DR. Globin gene activation during haemopoiesis is driven by protein complexes nucleated by GATA-1 and GATA-2. EMBO J. 2004 Jul 2123(14):2847.PubMed ID15215894
Comments These mature, stabilized transcripts are utilized repeatedly to generate an estimated 280 million molecules of complete hemoglobin molecules per cell.
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