Number of red blood cells in adult (for total number of cells in body, 3e+13, see BNIDS 113005, 113006)

Range 2.2×10^13-3.3×10^13 cells/adult
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Derived estimation. Please see measurement method
Method Calculated according to number of erythrocytes in µl, 4×10^6-6×10^6cells/mm^3 BNID 100800, volume of blood in adult, 5.5 liters BNID 101707. Total erythrocyte number=[4×10^6 - 6×10^6cells/mm^3]×[5.5×10^6mm^3/body]=2.2×10^13-3.3×10^13erythrocytes/body.
Comments Adult humans have roughly 2.2–3.3×10^13 red blood cells at any given time. For value of 2.8×10^13erythrocytes/body see Ballas 1987, PMID 3594914 p.243 bottom paragraph
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