Amount of haemoglobin in erythrocyte

Value 2.7e+8 Copies/cell
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Pierigè F, Serafini S, Rossi L, Magnani M. Cell-based drug delivery. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2008 Jan 14 60(2):286-95.PubMed ID17997501
Method Measurement method not given in source. A derived value of~3×10^8 is obtained by the following parameters: physiological level of Hb (hemoglobin) in erythrocyte, Hb molecular mass, erythrocyte volume and Avogadro's number. Volume of human erythrocyte ~100µm^3 BNID 101712,101713. Molecular mass of hemoglobin tetramer is 64,458 g/mol(Van Beekvelt et al 2001, PMID: 11160049). Physiological concentration of hemoglobin in erythrocyte is 330g/l BNID 100936. N(Hb)=C(Hb)×V(RBC)×NA/MW(Hb) Where N(Hb)=Number of Hb in erythrocyte. C(Hb)=Concentration of Hb in erythrocyte. V(RBC)=volume of erythrocyte. NA=Avogadro's number (˜6×10^23). MW(Hb)=molecular mass of Hb. N(Hb)˜330[g/l]×10^-13[liter/cell]×6×10^23[Hb/mole]/64,458[g/mole]˜3.07×10^8[Hb/cell]
Comments A typical erythrocyte contains about 270 million hemoglobin molecules, with each carrying four heme groups.
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