Ratio between effective in vivo DNA concentration and in vitro chemical concentration

Value 0.1 unitless
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Benno Muller-hill, 1996, The Lac Operon: A Short History Of A Genetic Paradigm, Publisher: Walter de Gruyter. Berlin. New York. Part 3.2 pp.134
Primary Source Hildebrandt ER, Cozzarelli NR. Comparison of recombination in vitro and in E. coli cells: measure of the effective concentration of DNA in vivo. Cell. 1995 May 581(3):331-40.PubMed ID7736586
Method We used as probes plasmid fusion reactions by two site-specific recombinases
Comments Effective in vivo DNA concentration is one order of magnitude lower than in vitro chemical concentration (=concentration of DNA counted as base pairs=0.01M)
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