Ratio between number of beta-galactosidase proteins produced per E. Coli RNAP transcript and T7 phage RNAP transcript

Value 100 Unitless
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Benno Muller-hill, 1996, The Lac Operon: A Short History Of A Genetic Paradigm, Publisher: Walter de Gruyter. Berlin. New York. Part 3.2 pp.135
Primary Source Iost I, Dreyfus M. mRNAs can be stabilized by DEAD-box proteins.Nature. 1994 Nov 10372(6502):193-6PubMed ID7526223
Comments When in Escherichia coli the host RNA polymerase is replaced by the eightfold faster bacteriophage T7 enzyme for the transcription of the lacZ gene, the beta-galactosidase yield per transcript is depressed 100-fold. Although T7 phage RNA polymerase transcription rate is 8 times faster than E. coli RNA polymerase, number of proteins produced per transcript is 100 fold lower in T7 phage.
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