Diameter of binucleated plasma cells

Value 26.9 µm
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Yeo JF. Binucleated form of plasma cells in oral lesions: their "vital statistics". Ann Acad Med Singapore. 1986 Jul15(3):365-9. abstractPubMed ID2430499
Method Abstract: "Of the fifty surgical specimens from different oral lesions examined by light microscopy, binucleated plasma cells were found in thirty-three specimens."
Comments Abstract: "The mean maximum diameter, surface area and volume were 26.87µm, 534.61 µm^2 and 9466.28µm^3 respectively. Morphologically, they resembled the mononucleated or single nucleated plasma cells. Their cytoplasm contain abundant basophilic cytoplasm and a prominent perinuclear golgi image. The two nuclei exhibit a clock-face or cartwheel appearance."
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