Diameter of erythrocytes

Value 7.81 µm Range: ±0.63 µm
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Fabry ME, Kaul DK, Raventos C, Baez S, Rieder R, Nagel RL. Some aspects of the pathophysiology of homozygous Hb CC erythrocytes. J Clin Invest. 1981 May67(5):1284-91. p.1289 Table IIPubMed ID7229029
Method P.1285 right column bottom paragraph: "The diameters of Hb (hemoglobin) AA and Hb CC erythrocytes were measured in whole blood and from top and bottom density gradient fractions. Erythrocyte suspensions were made in isotonic phosphate-buffered saline at pH 7.4. A Nomarski differential interference contrast (DIC) microscope coupled with an image splitter and polygraph system (16) was used for observation. Measurements were made at an optical magnification of 1,000. In each case ~100 cell diameters were measured. Statistical analysis was done using a Tektronix 31 computer (Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton, Ore.)."
Comments P.1288 left column 2nd paragraph: "Table II gives the mean diameter (micrometers) of Hb AA, Hb CC (intact), and Hb CC (splex) RBC in whole blood and in the top and bottom density gradient fractions. In the whole blood samples, the mean diameter of both Hb CC (intact) and Hb CC (splex) RBC were significantly smaller than that of Hb AA cells." Mean and SD of homozygous hemoglobin A (hb AA) erythrocytes' diameter. Diameters of hb AA erythrocytes in top and bottom density gradient fractions are 8.11±0.6µm and 7.53±0.53µm, respectively.
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