Number of genes

Value 470 genes
Organism Mycoplasma genitalium
Reference Fraser CM, et al., The minimal gene complement of Mycoplasma genitalium. Science. 1995 Oct 20 270(5235):397-403. p. 398 right column top paragraph & p.400 left column 3rd paragraph & bottom paragraphPubMed ID7569993
Method whole-genome random sequencing and assembly. The predicted coding regions of M. genitalium were initially defined by searching the entire genome for ORFs greater than 100 amino acids in length. Segments between predicted coding regions of the genome were also searched against all protein sequences from GenPept, Swiss-Prot, and the Protein Information Resource (PIR).
Comments "In total, these processes resulted in the identification of 470 predicted coding regions, of which 374 were putatively identified and 96 had no matches to protein sequences from any other organism." "The 470 predicted coding regions in M. genitalium (average size, 1040 bp) comprise 88% of the genome (on average, one gene every 1235 bp), a value similar to that found in H. influenza where 1727 predicted coding regions (average size, 900 bp) comprise 85% of the genome (one gene every 1042 bp)." For 517 genes see Data base link - link (retrieved from database on March 7th 2015). See Koonin 2000 PMID 11701626 p.100 3rd paragraph: "The upper bound of the minimal set is given by the number of genes in the smallest known genome, that of M. genitalium, which consists of 480 genes (Fraser et al., reference)."
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