ATP requirement for growth and Yatp under different nutritional conditions

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Organism Various
Reference Byung Hong Kim, Geoffrey Michael Gadd. Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism. 2008 Cambridge University Press. p.192 table 6.11
Primary Source Dawes, Edwin A. Microbial Energetics. Chapman and Hall: New York, NY. 1986. It appears to be based on a table from a chapter of Microbial Biochemistry - see Stouthamer, A.H. The search for correlation between theoretical and experimental growth yields. (1979) Int. Rev. Biochem. Microb. Biochem. 21:1-47 ed. J.R. Quayle. University Park Press.
Comments After consulting primary sources, it appears that for columns E and F, and possibly G, the energy requirement for mRNA turnover was already included in the RNA cost, and so has been counted twice in this table. This would reduce the "Total" by 1.39 mmol of ATP for these columns, which would cause a very slight change in Yatp. See BNID 101638, 104735, 104848, 101981, 101983, 101982
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