Quantitative comparison of energy transformation in a typical thylakoid membrane and in a rhodopsin membrane

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Reference John A. Raven Functional evolution of photochemical energy transformations in oxygen-producing organisms, Functional Plant Biology, 2009, 36, 505–515 p.511 table 1
Primary Source Partial list: 1)Falkowski PG, Raven JA (2007) ‘Aquatic photosynthesis, 2nd edn’. (Princeton University Press: Princeton) (2) Raven JA (1984) ‘Energetics and transport in aquatic plants.’ (A. R. Liss: New York) Chapter 2
Comments Bacteriorhodopsin is an integral membrane protein usually found in two-dimensional crystalline patches known as "purple membrane", which can occupy up to nearly 50% of the surface area of the archaeal cell. Data in table for purple membrane with half the area occupied by ion-pumping rhodopsin
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