Half time for bleaching of Enhanced Yellow fluorescent protein (EYFP)

Value 7 min Range: Table - link min
Organism Generic
Reference Merzlyak EM, Goedhart J, Shcherbo D, Bulina ME, Shcheglov AS, Fradkov AF, Gaintzeva A, Lukyanov KA, Lukyanov S, Gadella TW, Chudakov DM. Bright monomeric red fluorescent protein with an extended fluorescence lifetime. Nat Methods. 2007 Jul4(7):555-7. Supplementary table 1PubMed ID17572680
Method Photobleaching was performed in HeLa cells using Leica Sp2 confocal microscope, excitation by equalized laser lines output power (tuned to 40 mictowatts in a parked laser mode). See more details under table link
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