Nr deposited to Earth's surface as NOy and NHx in 1995

Value 100 TgN/yr
Organism Biosphere
Reference Galloway JN et al, Transformation of the nitrogen cycle: recent trends, questions, and potential solutions. Science. 2008 May 16 320(5878):889-92. p. 889 right column, bottom paragraphPubMed ID18487183
Primary Source J. N. Galloway et al., Biogeochemistry 70, 153 (2004).
Comments It is estimated that in 1860, 34 Tg N yr-1 of Nr was emitted as NOx and NH3 and then deposited to the Earth’s surface as NOy and NHx in 1995, it had increased to 100 Tg N yr-1 by 2050, it is projected to be 200 Tg N yr-1 (primary source). N deposition to ecosystems in the absence of human influence is generally ~0.5 kg N ha-1 yr-1 or less (F. Dentener et al., Global Biogeochem. Cycles 20, GB4003 (2006).). There are now large regions of the world where average N deposition rates exceed 10 kgNha-1 yr-1. Note-fig. 2 p. 891 gives value of 105 TgNy-1
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