Reactive nitrogen created by energy and food production by humanity in 2005

Value 187 Tg N yr^-1
Organism Biosphere
Reference Galloway JN et al, Transformation of the nitrogen cycle: recent trends, questions, and potential solutions. Science. 2008 May 16 320(5878):889-92. p. 889 middle column, bottom paragraphPubMed ID18487183
Primary Source Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO statistical databases (2006), Rome, available at link
Comments Reactive nitrogen (Nr) products are reduced or oxidized nitrogen compounds NH3, NOx, NOy, etc. From 1860 to 1995, energy and food production increased steadily on both an absolute and per capita basis Nr creation also increased from ~15 Tg N in 1860 to 156 Tg N in 1995. The change was enormous, and it increased further from 156 TgN/yr in 1995 to 187 TgN/yr in 2005, in large part because cereal production increased from 1897 to 2270 million tons (20%), and meat production increased from 207 to 260 million tons (26%) (primary source).
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