Number of C subunits in the ring of ATP synthase

Range mitochondrial enzyme 10: chloroplast enzyme 14: E.coli enzyme 10: Ilyobacter tartaricus enzyme 11 subunits
Organism Various
Reference Turina, Paola, Dietrich Samoray, and Peter Gräber. "H+/ATP ratio of proton transport-coupled ATP synthesis and hydrolysis catalysed by CF0F1—liposomes." The EMBO journal 22.3 (2003): 418-426. p.418 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID12554643
Primary Source Stock D, Leslie AG, Walker JE. Molecular architecture of the rotary motor in ATP synthase. Science. 1999 Nov 26 286(5445):1700-5. & Seelert H, Poetsch A, Dencher NA, Engel A, Stahlberg H, Müller DJ. Structural biology. Proton-powered turbine of a plant motor. Nature. 2000 May 25 405(6785):418-9. & Jiang W, Hermolin J, Fillingame RH. The preferred stoichiometry of c subunits in the rotary motor sector of Escherichia coli ATP synthase is 10. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 Apr 24 98(9):4966-71. & Stahlberg H. et al., (2001) Bacterial Na+-ATP synthase has an undecameric rotor. EMBO rep, 2, 229—233.PubMed ID10576729, 10839529, 11320246, 11266365
Method Reconstitution of the spinach chloroplast F0F1 ATP synthase on lipid vesicles. ATP synthesis is coupled to a luciferase assay.
Comments p.418 right column 2nd paragraph:"If rotation of the III-ring and the ?-subunit is coupled without slip, and if during one rotation of the ?-subunit each catalytic site on one of the three ß-subunits generates one ATP, the H+/ATP ratio can be calculated from the ratio of III-subunits in the ring to ß-subunits in the F1 part. Since an estimate of 12 has been made for the number of subunits III (for review, see Böttcher and Gräber, 2000 PMID 10838054), this theoretical consideration resulted in a H+/ATP ratio of four, which is in accordance with the experimental H+/ATP ratio measured with CF0F1 (Van Walraven et al., 1996 PMID 8603713). However, in recent investigations, different numbers of subunits in the ring have been observed: 10 in the mitochondrial enzyme (primary source Stock et al., 1999), 14 in the chloroplast enzyme (primary source Seelert et al., 2000), 10 in the E.coli enzyme (primary source Jiang et al., 2001) and 11 in the enzyme from Ilyobacter tartaricus (primary source Stahlberg et al., 2001)." Mitochondrial enzyme from budding yeast: chloroplast enzyme from spinach
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