The plasma volume, red cell volume, blood volume, whole body haematocrit and venous haematocrit of the mouse

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Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Riches AC, Sharp JG, Thomas DB, Smith SV. Blood volume determination in the mouse. J Physiol. 1973 Jan228(2):279-84. p.281 table 1PubMed ID4687099
Method "Measurements using iodinated human serum albumin (131IHSA) & measurements using 59Fe-labelled red cells"
Comments "The results are summarized in Table 1. The density of blood collected from the right atrium was found to be 1.057±0.004 g/cm^3 (mean and S.E.) at 23 °C. The whole body haematocrit has been calculated from the red cell volume and the plasma volume using the relationship: whole body haematocrit = (red cell volume)/ [(red cell volume)+(plasma volume)]. The values of the whole body haematocrit and the venous (cardiac) haematocrit are presented in Table 1, together with the blood volume of the mouse calculated by adding the red cell volume, measured using labelled red cells, to the plasma volume measured using labelled human serum albumin."
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