Reference mass values, mass density values, and volumes derived for various constituents of the skeleton

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference International commission on radiological protection, Adult reference computational phantoms, ICRP Publication 110, Ann. ICRP 39 (2), 2009 link p.32 Table 4.1
Primary Source ICRP, 2002. Basic anatomical and physiological data for use in radiological protection: reference values. ICRP Publication 89. Ann. ICRP 32(3–4). & ICRU, 1992. Phantoms and Computational Models in Therapy, Diagnosis and Protection. ICRU Report 48. International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements, Bethesda, MD.
Comments "Table 4.1 shows the volumes of the skeletons of Reference Male and Reference Female as derived from the reference mass data from Publication 89 (ICRP, 2002) and mass density data of ICRU Report 46 (ICRU, 1992)...The segmented cortical bone has the reference mass of Publication 89 (ICRP, 2002), and although no direct segmentation of the trabecular bone and active and inactive marrow in the spongiosa was possible at the given voxel resolution, the volume and composition of the spongiosa is such that all skeletal constituents (mineral bone, cartilage, active and inactive marrow, and miscellaneous tissues) are incorporated in the skeleton at their reference masses as given in Table 4.1."
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