List of media, their elemental compositions (percentage by mass), and their densities for the adult male

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference International commission on radiological protection, Adult reference computational phantoms, ICRP Publication 110, Ann. ICRP 39 (2), 2009 link pp.61-62 Table B.1
Primary Source White, D.R., Woodard, H.Q., Hammond, S.M., 1987. Average soft-tissue and bone models for use in radiation dosimetry. Br. J. Radiol. 60, 907–913.PubMed ID3664185
Comments "For the purpose of radiation transport calculations, each organ/tissue must have a certain material composition. Therefore, a list of media has been defined that are assigned to the various organ IDs (see Table A.1). Table B.1 gives the elemental compositions of the media for the male phantom, and Table B.2 gives those for the female phantom."
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