Turnover time of nitrogen in ocean

Value 2500 Years
Organism Biosphere
Reference L. A. Codispoti, An oceanic fixed nitrogen sink exceeding 400 TgNa-1 vs the concept of homeostasis in the fixed-nitrogen inventory, Biogeosciences, 4, 233–253, 2007
Primary Source Gruber, N.: The dynamics of the marine nitrogen cycle and its influence on atmospheric CO2, in: The Ocean Carbon Cycle and Climate, edited by: Follows, M., and Oguz, T., Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht, 97–148, 2004.
Comments Compare Nitrogen turnover time in Terrestrial Biomass, soil and sediments (50 years, ~2000 years, 10^7 years, respectively) and atmospheric turnover time of N2 (10^7 years) in link (hyperlink - Nitrogen), BNID 101681
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