Mean values of WUE (water use efficiency) and ratio between 13C and 12C (Carbon Isotopic Discrimination)

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Organism Wheat Triticum aestivum
Reference GD Farquhar and RA Richards, Isotopic Composition of Plant Carbon Correlates With Water-Use Efficiency of Wheat Genotypes, 1984 Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 11(6) 539 - 552 p.543 table 1
Comments P.544 2nd paragraph: "In Fig. 2 the 'winter' results are presented in terms of genotypes and drought treatments imposed. In Table 1 the statistics are presented. The density of planting of AUS 20430 had little effect. The variations among genotypes in isotopic discrimination and WUE were greater when water was most limiting, i.e. S treatment [Sowing (S): Tubes were watered to field capacity at sowing, and not watered again], than in the other treatments."
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