Duration of mitosis and intermitotic period (interphase)

Range mitosis 30 to 60min: interphase ~6hours to very long times
Organism Unspecified
Reference J. H. Hendry & D. Scott, Loss of reproductive integrity of irradiated cells, and its importance in tissues, in Perspectives on mammalian cell death. C. S. Potten (ed.). Oxford Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1987. P.160 bottom paragraph
Comments P.160 bottom paragraph:"Cells reproduce by passing through a mitotic cycle, in which the genetic material is replicated and two daughter cells are produced each with its own complement of DNA. The exception to this is germ cells, which halve their diploid DNA complement to produce haploid cells during a meiotic cycle prior to maturation and later fertilization. Mitosis typically is completed in 30-60 min. The intermitotic period is called interphase, and the length of this period varies from about 6 hours to very long times."
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