Protein-coding genes

Value 19231 genes
Organism Pufferfish Fugu rubripes
Reference Fugu Genome Project Fifth Fugu Genome Assembly (January 2010 v5) link Retrieved May 1st 2015
Method "The v5 assembly (accession number CAAB02000000) was generated by filling some gaps in the v4 assembly and by organizing scaffolds into chromosomes based on a genetic map of fugu. v5 assembly comprises 7,119 scaffolds covering 393 Mb. About 72% of the assembly (282 Mb) is organized into 22 chromosomes. Another 14% of the assembly (56 Mb) is assigned to chromosomes but the orientation and order of these scaffolds are not known (Chr_n_un). The remaining 14% of the assembly (55 Mb) is concatenated into a single sequence (Chr_un). See Kai et al. Genome Biol Evol. 3:424-442 (2011)."
Comments "Known protein-coding genes: 1,138 Novel protein-coding genes: 18,093 RNA genes: 593 Genscan gene predictions: 27,982 Gene transcripts: 19,945 Base Pairs: 392,376,244 Golden Path Length: 392,800,674"
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