Number of protein-coding genes

Value 20568 Unitless Range: Table - link Unitless
Organism Thale cress Arabidopsis thaliana
Reference Rice Annotation Project, Curated genome annotation of Oryza sativa ssp. japonica and comparative genome analysis with Arabidopsis thaliana. Genome Res. 2007 Feb17(2):175-83. p.176 table 1PubMed ID17210932
Comments P.176 left column 2nd paragraph: "[Investigators'] mapping of the 34,887 mRNAs resulted in 20,507 predicted gene loci being successfully mapped to the current rice genome assembly (build 3). However, there were 2257 mRNAs that could not be mapped to the genome, and these were grouped into 2102 clusters (Table 1)." P.176 right column 2nd paragraph: "The number of loci predicted for the rice genome in this study was 29,550 including the unmapped mRNA clusters (Table 1)." For total gene number of 27547 see BNID 100473 and for total gene number of 26990 see p.1682 in Feng et al 2009, PMID 19452047. For 19,735 protein-coding genes in C. elegans see BNID 101364
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